RYT 200 Certification

This training program teaches students how to teach the traditional styles of Ashtanga/Vinyasa using a Modified Primary, the basis of most Vinyasa Yoga styles. We also introduce techniques to teach a classical Integral Yoga Hatha style that can be modified to to teach students of special needs. Other program highlights include different meditation and pranayama  techniques along with study of the Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras and Sanskrit terminology with  experienced teachers trained directly through the classical Indian lineage. Functional Anatomy & Fascia Alignment is studied to understand the range of movement for specific joints and muscles in order to perceive the differences between compression, tension and muscular imbalance. A comparative study of compensatory postural deformities helps prospective yoga teachers understand how to help their students prevent injuries by balancing posture flexibility. strength and stability.  Class observations, assisting and teaching public classes gives new teachers experience and confidence in their teaching skills.

Classes at It’s Yoga are free to all training participants to encourage practice experience and expose trainees to a variety of yoga styles and teachers.

Upcoming Dates for 2021:

The Fall TT Dates are:


September      24 – 26 – (3 full-day intensive)

October               8 – 10

October            22 – 24

November          5 –   7

November        19 – 21

December        10 – 12

January               7 –   9

January             21 – 23

February           18 – 20


Written Exams to be announced

Payment Options:

OPTION #1         

Prepayment Special!

Total Amount Paid in –full upon registration:  prior to September 24th   

Total Amount: $2,400

 (free yoga classes begin anytime upon payment)


OPTION #2        

$500 registration due before September 24th

Total Amount Paid in-full: $2,500

due on September 24th

OPTION #3        

$500  registration due before September 24th   

$380  5-month payment plan = $1,900 due by 5th Session

Total = $2,500 


OPTION #4        

$500 registration due before September 24th   

$250  8-month payment plan = $2,000 due by 8th Session  

Total = $2,500

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