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Coming January 7th 2023

Advanced teacher trainees learn how to employ therapeutic techniques to deepen the yoga practice without injury. This is what allows them to “work smarter—not harder.” We teach modern scientific advances in the study of structural tensegrity to examine joint alignment, myofascial engagement, and the effect of myofascial engagement on postural mechanics. Basic knowledge of Samkhya and Ayurveda gives us a holistic view of disease prevention and proper lifestyle choices, as well as a complete understanding of subtle anatomy and its relationship to the cosmos. We learn how the mind influences the body structure through the study of the body srota/nadi systems and learn “body reading” to identify myofascial imbalances.

During the RYT 300-hour program, trainees can attend It’s Yoga’s classes for free. This encourages teacher trainees to experience the various teaching styles of our highly qualified teachers. Today’s advanced yoga teacher must be versatile and ready to teach to the needs of their students and not be confined to just one style.

The Advanced Teacher Training Workbook covers all topics listed below, while the Technique Manual discusses the postures of the Primary Series and some of the Second Series postures of the Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga System. It includes posture benefits, contraindications, posture adaptations and modern biomechanics. We teach the Ashtanga System because all modern vinyasa styles originate from this system. Also, we review Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras, focusing on the third and fourth chapters. And we round out our philosophy studies with discourses on the Srimad Bhagavad Gita. Along with the following list of subjects, we endeavor to produce a well-rounded professional, a full-spectrum yoga expert who is qualified to bring positive changes into their students’ body, mind and spirit.

The program includes:

  • Advanced Yoga Asana Technique

  • Vinyasa Krama – How to Develop, Breakdown & Adapt Postures

  • Posture Diagnostics & Fascia Alignment

  • The Theory of Ayurveda & Its Connection to Yoga

  • Principles of Proprioception & Yoga as Therapy

  • Swara Yoga – Study of Pranic Control

  • Introduction to Sanskrit & Correct Asana Pronunciation

  • History of Traditional Yoga & Literature

  • Yoga Sutras & Bhagavad Gita Study


Along with proof of your previous RYT 200 Certification, upon completion of the RYT 300 training, you will receive an It’s Yoga Cincinnati RYT 300 and a RYT 500 Certification. The RYT 500 certification will allow you to register with the National Yoga Alliance as a Professional Yoga Teacher.

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