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Head Stand Pose


Pure Movement with Dan Scheid.jpg
Improve Yoga Performance
Using Pure Movement Technology 

with Dr. Dan

Dr. Dan Scheid graduated from UC as a Doctor of Physical Therapy. He specialized in human performance optimization with the UC Athletic Department. Currently Dan is the Physical Therapist for the UC College Conservatory of Dance and Musical Theater. He also runs a performing arts specialized strength and conditioning company with his wife Holly. Dan works as a PT for athletes, dancers and yoga practitioners at NOVA Care at UC Medical Arts Building. He places emphasis on scientifically grounded movement quality and biomechanics to prevent injury, improve flexibility, and build strength and endurance.

Pure Movement Workshop

Saturday, March 16, 2:00 - 4:00

$35      All Levels Welcome!
  • Improve asana performance

  • Reduce effort, stress and injury using pure movement

  • Maximize the power of your yoga practice

  • Balance gravity & energy of bones, muscles, and joints

  • Benefit from scientific advances of Yoga Biomechanics

  • Learn how to recover from an injury

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